Batch One Status Update

12th November:
Customs Clearance completed! DHL Confirmed collection of 49 Cartons - The full shipment, of cells on the 8th November. We hope to receive the goods this week

5th November:
At present, the cells have been held by Chinese Customs, All international and domestic duty's have been Pre-paid prior to shipment however additional verification is still required. Unfortunately we do not have an estimate on how long the delays are. We are working to reduce any impact 

3th November: 
Cell Production has been completed! Cells have completed voltage testing, completed QC and been passed on to the Freight Forwarder. DHL will shortly take possession for express delivery.

27th October:
Exciting Times! As of this morning production has been confirmed with the factory, Production will start the morning of Monday 29th October.

International orders have been confirmed with the factory, All addresses have been confirmed as eligible for express post. These orders will ship direct to the customer as soon as production and packaging is complete. We have made sure to cover as many of the customs and import fees as possible, however as per normal importation we cannot guarantee customs in your country may wish to add additional levies. 

Batch Two International Shipping To Be Re-Enabled Soon, We Are Working To Reduce The Express Shipping Cost